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Royal Navy Inter Command Competition


In 1905 the first Inter Port Cup competition was introduced with Portsmouth beating Devonport 4-0 at Fratton Park Portsmouth. With the exception of the War years 1914-1918 & 1939-1944 this competition was played annually until 1946. Then in 1947 changes within the Royal Navy particularly were Command structures were concerned, the Inter Port competition was renamed the Inter Command competition. This allowed for the introduction of Naval Air Command & for Chatham & Devonport to be renamed NORE & Plymouth Commands respectively.

In 1962, for sporting purposes the Royal Marines & Scotland were invited to join the competition with the Royal Marines winning the competition that first year beating Plymouth 3-2. NORE Command also changed their name to Medway Command. With the demise of Medway Command in the early 1980's they were replaced by Fleet Command. In 2006 Fleet Command were replaced by the Royal Navy U21's team so they could prepare themselves in time for their Inter Service competition. In 2008 the Royal Navy U21's increased the age limit and became the Royal Navy U23's to come into line with their Army & RAF counter parts.

The six participating teams are Portsmouth Command, Plymouth Command, Naval Air Command, Scotland Command, Royal Marines Command & Royal Navy U23's.



1905Portsmouth bt Devonport4-0Fratton Park
1906Not Known  
1907Not Known  
1908Not Known  
1909Not Known  
1910Not Known  
1911Not Known  
1912Not Known  
1913Not Known  
1914-18 No Games Played due to World War 1
1919Not Known  
1920Not Known  
1921Not Known  
1922Not Known  
1923Not Known   
1924Not Known   
1925Not Known   
1926Not Known   
1927Not Known   
1928Not Known   
1929Not Known   
1930Not Known   
1931Not Known   
1932Not Known   
1933Not Known   
1934Not Known   
1935Not Known   
1936Not Known   
1937Not Known   
1938Not Known  
1939-44 No Games Played due to World War 2
1945RN&RM Chatham bt RN&RM Portsmouth4-2Fratton Park Portsmouth 21/11/45 Chatham scorers Hurst 2,Haddington,Robertson. Portsmouth scorers Evans,Stott.
1946Not Known  
1947NORE beat AIR 3-1 
1948Portsmouth beat AIR1-0 
1949Portsmouth beat Plymouth 7-3 
1950Air beat Portsmouth 7-2 
1951Plymouth beat NORE2-1 
1952Air beat Plymouth2-1 
1953Air beat Portsmouth3-2 
1954Portsmouth beat Air 3-1 
1955Portsmouth beat Plymouth3-1  
1956Air beat Nore 2-1 
1957Portsmouth beat Air 1-0  
1958Air beat Portsmouth 5-2 
1959Air beat Plymouth 2-1  
1960Portsmouth beat Air 8-1 
1961Portsmouth beat Air 3-0  
1962Royal Marines bt Plymouth 3-2 
1963Air beat Royal Marines 2-1 
1964Portsmouth beat Plymouth 7-2  
1965Portsmouth beat Royal Marines2-1 
1966Portsmouth beat Royal Marines3-2 
1967Portsmouth beat Royal Marines 3-1  
1968Royal Marines   
1970Royal Marines beat Naval Air 2-0  
1971Plymouth beat Royal Marines 3-1 
1972Portsmouth beat Plymouth 4-0  
1973Portsmouth beat Plymouth3-2  
1974Royal Marines beat Portsmouth 2-1  
1975Plymouth beat Royal Marines 2-1AET Deal
1976Plymouth beat Royal Marines 3-0  
1977Royal Marines beat Plymouth 3-2  
1978Portsmouth beat Royal Marines 3-1 
1979Naval Air beat Medway 6-1  
1980Portsmouth beat Royal Marines2-1 
1981Royal Marines beat Portsmouth 2-1  
1982Portsmouth beat Royal Marines 5-0  
1983Naval Air beat Portsmouth 1-0  
1984Royal Marines beat Naval Air 5-0  
1985Fleet beat Portsmouth 4-1  
1986Naval Air beat Fleet 5-3  
1987Royal Marines beat Portsmouth 2-1  
1988Royal Marines beat Naval Air3-2  
1989Naval Air beat Plymouth 4-2  
1990Naval Air beat Fleet 2-1  
1991Fleet beat Scotland 3-2  
1992Naval Air beat Scotland 2-0  
1993Naval Air beat Plymouth 1-0  
1994Scotland beat Royal Marines 2-1  
1995Royal Marines beat Fleet 3-1Dunfirmline FC 
1996Plymouth beat Portsmouth 2-1 RM Poole
1997Portsmouth beat Naval Air 2-0HMS Heron Yeovilton 
1998Fleet beat Royal Marines 1-0 Victory Stadium Portsmouth
1999Royal Marines beat Fleet 1-0 HMS Drake Plymouth. RM scorer Mne Mark Pepperall
2000Royal Marines beat Naval Air 3-2AET HMS Drake Plymouth. RM scorers Cpl Robbie Buglass, Mne Harry Richardson, 1 x OG.
2001Royal Marines beat Scotland 3-2AETVictory Stadium Portsmouth. RM scorers Musn Ian Airley, Cpl Lee Weatherall, Cpl Shaun Foster
2002Royal Marines beat Scotland 5-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth. RM scorers Cpl Richie Hope 2, Cpl Jase Kilner, Mne Graeme Carr, Mne Neil Middleditch
2003Scotland beat Naval Air 3-2AET Victory Stadium Portsmouth 
2004Scotland beat Royal Marines 3-2AETHMS Drake Plymouth. RM scorers Cpl Richard Griffin, Cpl Shaun Foster.
2005Royal Marines beat Naval Air 3-0 Victory Stadium Portsmouth. RM scorers Mne Sean Naisbitt, Sgt Richie Hope, Mne Si Bochenski
2006Royal Marines beat Scotland 2-0 Victory Stadium Portsmouth.RM scorers Musn Jase OBrien
2007Naval Air beat Portsmouth 3-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth 
2008Scotland beat Portsmouth 2-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth 
2009Royal Marines beat Portsmouth3-2AETVictory Stadium Portsmouth. RM Scorers Mne Shea Saunders, Cpl Si Bochenski, Mne Michael Sheldon.
2010 Royal Marines beat Portsmouth2-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth. RM scorers Mne Michael Husbands, Mne Lee Hildreth, Portsmouth scorer AET Dan Cummins
2011Royal Marines beat Naval Air2-0AETVictory Stadium Portsmouth. Goal Scorers Mne Mark Connet & Cpl Si Bochenski
2012Royal Marines beat RN U23s4-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth. Goal Scorers Mne Chris Tunstall, BCpl Jase Obrien, Mne Mikey Husbands, Mne Lee Salmons
2013Royal Marines beat Scotland3-2Victory Stadium Portsmouth. Goal Scorers Cpl Shea Saunders 2, Mne Mike Scott.
2014 Royal Marines beat Naval Air2-1Victory Stadium Portsmouth. Goal Scorers CSgt Richard Griffin 2.