Royal Marines Football Association

The Navy Cup


The Birth of the Royal Navy Football Association took place on the 13th January 1904 in the offices of the Southern Daily Mail when a group of Royal Navy officers met & agreed that an Association be formed for the guidance & government of Naval Football.

On the 9th February 1904 a second meeting was held at the Southern Daily Mail where the general council was formed. Also at this meeting resolutions were passed inviting His Majesty the King, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales & the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to become Patrons of the Association. Additionally that the First Sea Lord should be President and all Commanders-in-Chief and senior officers of squadrons should be Vice Presidents. (With the exception of one or two years, the association has enjoyed Royal Patronage ever since). This was the last time a meeting was held at the offices of the Southern Daily Mail, to mark the occasion & to acknowledge the friendship between the two organisations, the management of the Southern Daily Mail presented to the Royal Navy FA its first trophy - the Navy Cup.


YearResult Score and Venue
1905RNB Portsmouth bt Cambridge 2-1 AET at Plymouth 
1906RNB Portsmouth bt RNB Chatham 2-0 at Fratton park (Replay after 3-3 at Pitt street Portsmouth) 
1907RNB Chatham bt HMS Excellent 2-0 at Chatham 
1908RNB Devonport bt HMS Excellent 1-0 at Portsmouth (Replay after 1-1 draw) 
1909RNB Devonport bt HMS Achilles 1-0 at Chatham (Replay after drawn first game) 
1910RNB Portsmouth bt RNB Shotley 2-0 at Fratton park 
1911Gunnery School Devonport bt RNB Portsmouth 2-1 at Devonport 
1912RNB Devonport bt HMS Excellent 2-1 at Portsmouth
1913RNB Chatham bt RNB Devonport 3-0 at Portsmouth
1914RNB Chatham bt RNB Devonport 2-0 at Portsmouth (Replay after drawn first game) 
1915 to 1919 No games played due to World War 1
1920RMLI Chatham bt RNB Devonport 3-0 at Fratton park Portsmouth
1921HMS Dolphin bt HMS Hecla 3-0 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1922RMA Eastney bt RMLI Plymouth 2-0 at Pitt Street Portsmouth 
1923RMLI Chatham 4 (CSgt Hibben 4) HMS Vernon 0 at Fratton park Portsmouth on 11th April 1923
1924HMS Excellent bt RNB Chatham 2-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth
1925HMS Excellent bt Battle Sqn Atlantic Fleet 4-0 at Devonport
1926RNB Devonport bt RMB Chatham 2-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1927RNB Devonport bt Battle Cruiser Sqn Atlantic Fleet 4-0 Devonport 
1928HMS Excellent bt RNB Chatham 3-2 at Fratton Park Portsmouth
1929RNB Devonport bt RNB Portsmouth 5-3 at Fratton park Portsmouth
1930RNB Chatham bt HMS Excellent 5-0 at Gillingham
1931RM Chatham bt RNB Devonport 3-1 at Gillingham 
19322nd Battle Sqn Home Fleet bt RM Plymouth 1-0 at Fratton park Portsmouth
1933Depot RM Deal bt RNB Devonport 3-0 Venue Not Known 
1934RNB Chatham bt HMS Excellent 2-1 at Portsmouth
1935HMS Excellent bt RM Plymouth 2-0 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1936HMS Drake bt HMS Pembroke 3-1 at Devonport 
1937HMS Excellent bt HMS Drake 5-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1938HMS Victory bt HMS Pembroke 3-1 at RM Chatham 
1939HMS Ark Royal bt RNB Portsmouth 2-0 at Pitt Street Portsmouth
1940 to 1946 No games played due to World War 2   
1947RM Portsmouth bt RM Chatham 2-1 AET at Fratton Park Portsmouth 10th May 1947
1948RM Chatham bt RNB Lee 1-0 Chatham 
1949RM Portsmouth bt RM Chatham 3-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1950HMS Daedalus bt RNB Devonport 4-1 at Home park Plymouth 
1951HMS Mercury bt Reserve Fleet Chatham 5-2 at Fratton Park Portsmouth 
1952RNB Devonport bt RM Depot Deal score & venue not known 
1953HMS Daedalus bt RM Depot Deal 6-3 at Fratton park Portsmouth
1954HMS Diskin bt HMS Victory 2-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1955RNAS Culdrose bt PRORM 2-1 venue not known 
1956HMS Collingwood bt HMS Daedalus 2-1 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1957RM Portsmouth bt RM Chatham 4-2 at Fratton park Portsmouth 
1958RNAS Ford bt RMB Chatham 4-2 AET at United Services No1 pitch Portsmouth
1959HMS Daedalus bt HMS Collingwood 2-1 at Gosport 
1960HMS Victory bt HMS Seahawk 4-3 venue not known 
1961HMS Ariel bt HMS Ganges 5-2 AET venue not known 
1962ITCRM bt HMS Vernon 4-2 AET on the 14th Dec 1961 at United Services Portsmouth. ITCRM scorers were Mne Rooke, Jones, Mne Quinn, Mne Holly.
1963RNAS Culdrose bt RNAS Lossiemouth 2-1 at Lossiemouth 
1964HMS Collingwood bt HMS Maidstone 1-0 at Rosyth 
1965HMS Collingwood bt RM Deal 2-0 at Portsmouth 
1966HMS Excellent bt ITCRM 1-0 at Portsmouth 
196741Cdo RM bt HMS Dolphin 3-1 at Plymouth 
1968HMS Collingwood bt HMS Hampshire 2-1 AET at Portsmouth 
1969HMS Lochinvar bt HMS Bulwark 3-1 at Rosyth 
1970HMS Daedalus bt HMS Condor 2-1 at Arbroath
1971HMS Daedalus bt HMS Collingwood 1-0 at Portsmouth 
1972HMS Daedalus bt HQ 3rd Cdo Bde 1-0 at Plymouth 
1973HMS Osprey bt HMS Heron 3-2 at Weymouth 
1974HMS Heron bt HMS Blake 2-0 at Weymouth 
1975RNAS Culdrose bt HMS Pembroke 3-2 at Portsmouth 
1976HMS Collingwood bt RM Poole 3-1 at Portsmouth 
1977RNAS Culdrose bt Depot RM Deal 2-1 at Deal 
1978HMS Collingwood bt HMS Sultan 5-0 at Gosport 
1979HMS Heron bt HMS Intrepid 2-0 at Yeovilton 
1980HMS Heron bt HMY Brittannia 1-0 at Yeovilton 
1981HMS Nelson bt CTCRM 2-1 AET at Lympstone
1982HMS Heron bt HMS Cochrane 1-0 at Yeovilton
1983HMS Heron bt HMS Pembroke 5-0 at Chatham 
1984HMS Neptune bt CTCRM 3-2 at HMS Temeraire
1985CTCRM bt HMS Nelson 2-1 at HMS Temeraire 
1986CTCRM bt HMS Cochrane 3-2 at CTCRM (Mne Kay,Sgt Dixon,Sgt D Sharp) 
1987CTCRM bt HMS Sultan 4-1 at Gosport
1988HMS Sultan bt RNAS Culdrose 1-0 at Culdrose
1989HMS Sultan bt CTCRM 4-3 at Portsmouth 
1990CTCRM bt HMS Neptune 3-2 at CTCRM 
1991HMS Thunderer score & opposition not known 
1992HMS Seahawk bt HMS Neptune 3-2 at RNAS Culdrose 
1993HMS Nelson won score & opposition not known 
1994HMS Neptune bt CTCRM 3-2 AET at Rosyth 
1995HMS Daedalus bt CTCRM 2-1 at Lympstone 
1996HMS Neptune bt HMS Excellent 4-1 at Vale of Leven 
1997HMS Sultan bt HMS Seahawk 4-3 at RNAS Culdrose 
1998HMS Seahawk bt HMS Dryad 4-2 at HMS Temeraire 
1999HMS Seahawk bt HMS Collingwood 5-0 at HMS Drake 
2000CTCRM bt HMS Drake 1-0 at HMS Drake 
2001HMS Seahawk bt HMS Neptune 4-1 at HMS Temeraire 
200242Cdo bt HMS Drake 4-2 at HMS Drake 
2003HMS Sultan bt HMS Collingwood 3-2 at HMS Temeraire
2004CTCRM bt HMS Neptune 1-0 at HMS Temeraire
2005CTCRM bt HMS Heron 3-0 at HMS Temeraire 
2006CTCRM bt HMS Heron 1-0 at HMS Temeraire
2007HMS Heron bt FPGRM 3-2 on Pens after 0-0 FT & 1-1 AET at HMS Temeraire
200845Cdo RM bt HMS Heron 1-0 (Mne Ian Danby MC) at HMS Temeraire
2009FPGRM bt HMS Seahawk 3-0 (Mne's Hill,Hebditch & Connett) at HMS Temeraire
201045Cdo RM bt HMS Heron 3-2 AET (Husbands, Courtney, Goldsbury) at HMS Temeraire
2011 HMS Seahawk bt HMS Ark Royal 3-1 at HMS Temeraire
2012HMS Heron bt 40Cdo RM 3-2 at HMS Temeraire
201343Cdo RM bt HMS Raleigh 6-5 on pens at HMS Temeraire