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  Ray Johnston (right) with John Thacker 1969 40Cdo RM Far East


Ray Johnston

Royal Marines Football1967 -1972


Royal Marine Ray Johnston played for the Corps in the late sixties to early seventies & during this time he also represented Plymouth Command, Royal Navy FA, Combined Services & he also played in the Far East with 40Cdo. Ray played with & against some great RM football characters during his time in the Corps so I will start by mentioning some of these characters and hopefully you the reader will remember some of them along the way. The first player Ray mentioned to me was the late Noddy Dunn, he did not play with Noddy in his hey day but Ray could tell Noddy had been a good player in his younger days because he still had a good touch and great vision. Other notable players from Rays time in the far east with 40Cdo were Lenny Anderson who Ray describes has a great player, Terry Glover who never stopped running and Ray was convinced he had two tickers, Les Danter who was just has good at the back has he was up front, John “Scouse” West a goal keeper with very safe hands, Geoff Barker, Doc Barr, John Thacker, G Brotherton, Curly Hillson & E Edwards.


Below are some of the players who Ray Played with during his time in the Royal Marines.




During his time in the Corps team over the years he played with the likes of Keith “Tug” Wilson, Terry Glover, Tony Higgins, Lenny Anderson, Bungy Williams, Dusty Miller, John West, Jimmy Murray, Mike Hardy, Nobby Clark, Mick Blythe, Ginger Scott, Pete Best, Geordie Kirtley, John Thacker, Tony Taylor, Mick Woods, Jimmy Foy, Mickey Thomas, Jacky Freeman, Dave Nicholson, M Elliott, there were many more & Ray apologises to any one that has slipped his mind for the time being.


He also represented the Royal Navy team were he regularly lined up with fellow Royal Marines Tug Wilson, Tony Taylor & Tony Higgins. He also played for the Combined Services squads both in the UK & the Far East with the UK CS team being the stronger, other Royal Marines involved were again Wilson, Taylor & Higgins.


1967/68 Tunney Cup team RM Lympstone

Back Row 2nd from the left Les Danter

Front Row left Ray Johnston


Ray has some great memories from his time playing in the Far East and none more so than when he had the pleasure of meeting & playing with Jimmy Coates who had played in the Amateur cup final at Wembley, he was a very good player with lots of experience.

Another great memory from the Far East was when the Combined Services played against Dynamo Tiblisi, their Captain that day had played for Russia in the 1966 World Cup finals & Ray had the difficult task of marking him, he got close to him on several occasions and even managed to get his shirt after the game which he still has to this date, the game finished a very credible 2-1 defeat with Combined Services Skipper Tony Higgins getting the CS goal.


There is one more person Ray wishes to mention & that is Royal Marine Johnny Ellis, Ray was coached by Johnny during his time with the Corps, Royal Navy & Combined Services squads and he had a great influence on Ray’s football career. Since leaving the Corps Ray has worked with many professional coaches but Johnny Ellis was one of the best coaches outside the football league.


Below is a selection of some of the team sheets that Ray kept hold of.


The Royal Navy FA Inter Command Cup Final

Naval Air Command 0 v Royal Marines Command 2

At Victory Stadium Wednesday 4th March 1970 Kick Off 1430


 Royal Marines Football Team

1. Cpl Maxwell (HQ Cdo Forces

2. Cpl Houston (ITCRM)

3. Mne Johnston (HQ Cdo Forces)

4. Sgt Barlow (RMB Eastney)

5. Cpl Wilson (ITCRM)

6. Mne Glover (45Cdo)

7. Cpl Malhan (RM Depot Deal)

8. Cpl Lyndsay (ITCRM)

9. Mne Hardman (41Cdo)

10. Mne McNeil (ATURM)

11. Cpl Scott (RM Depot Deal)


Sgt Williams (HQ Cdo Forces), Cpl Kerr (ATURM)


 Naval Air Command

1. N.A. Harner (Yeovilton)

2. LREM. Sivertseen (Daedalus)

3. AA2. Burrows (Yeovilton)

4. LT. Hyslop (Daedalus)

5. POEL. Edmonds (Brawdy)

6. N.A. Kell (Daedalus)

7. N.A. Scully (Lossimouth)

8. LREM. Vakplew (Daedalus)

9. REA Malcolmson (Culdrose)

10. N.A. Beattie (Arbroath)

11. POEL. Pughsley (Daedalus)


LREM. Maceachen



 Referee Canteen Manager S Kerrison (Sirius), Linesman REA R House (Excellent) & REA J. C. Boyce (Excellent)


1970 Inter Commands Winners Royal Marines

Royal Marines 2 Naval Air Command 0 (see above for team sheet)


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