Royal Marines Football Association

Royal Marines Football team sheets 1999/00

Royal Navy Inter Commands Sept 1999 at HMS Drake Plymouth

RMFA 1 (Freddy Lomas) Naval Air Cmd 0

RMFA 3 (Ian Pomeroy,Lee Aston,Steve Haydock) Portsmouth 2

Final - RMFA 1 (Mark Pepperall) Fleet 0

RMFA Squad

Nev Nixon,Shaun Foster,Lee Aston,Steve Haydock,Richie Asson,Lee Weatherall,Ian Pomeroy,Kevan Roberts,Freddy Lomas,Danny Cole,Mark Pepperall,Mark Winterbottom,Lee Murphy,Mark Williams,Dean Jones,Daz Mellows,Phil Simmister.

Paul Curry (Manager), Ian Lawton (Physio)

21st Oct 1999 at RM Poole 

RMFA 9 (Danny Cole 3,Shaun Foster 2,Paul Curry,3 TBC) London Banks 0

Team Sheet

Shaun Foster,Paul Curry,Ian Pomeroy,Danny Cole,Thaine Hacon, the rest TBC

Manager Shaun Foster

20th Nov 1999 at Bristol

Bristol Financial 1 RMFA 3 (Shaun Foster,Harry Richardson,Ian Pomeroy)

Team Sheet

1. Steve Haydock

2. Paul Collinson 4. Shaun Foster 5. Neil Middleditch 3. Kevan Roberts

6. Dave Robertson 8. Lee Weatherall 7. Ian Pomeroy 11. Harry Richardson

10. Paul Curry 11. Tommy Mcphee

Sub Johnny Byrne - Manager Shaun Foster

RMFA Newcastle Tour 2000

January 2000 at RMR Tyne

Whitley Bay 2 RMFA 4 (Richie Hope 3,Mark Pepperall)

Hebburn United 5 RMFA 2 (Lee Weatherall 2)

The Squad

Jay Geddes,Shaun Foster,Paul Collinson,Jason Margrett,Wayne Grounsell,Ian Pomeroy,Lee Weatherall,Paul Curry,Richie Hope,Mark Pepperall,Tommy Mcphee,Johnny Byrne,Ginge Sweeney,Kev Carter,Gary Smith.

Manager Shaun Foster - Chef Ginge Sweeney

29th April 2000 at Peterborough

Peterborough Utd Academy 1 RMFA 0 (Abandoned after 60 mins due to injury)

The Squad

 (The Squad was spit up into two teams with one team playing PUFC Academy and the other team playing against an Irish touring team)

Nev Nixon,Lee Carr,Andy Tough,John Jackson,Dean Jones,Leighton Johns,Mark Pepperall,Neil Middleditch,Ian Pomeroy,Will Jeeves,Wayne Grounsell,Mark Lenton,Mark Liddle,Paul Collinson,Neil Pritchard,Trev Ford,Tommy Mcphee.

Manager Shaun Foster - Assistant Manager Steve Marr

26th July 2000 at Topsham

Topsham Town 1 RMFA 4 (Harry Richardson,Kevan Roberts,Mark Pepperall,1x og))

The Squad

Mark Liddle,Shaun Foster,Trev Ford,Tommy Mcphee,Dean Jones,Lee Weatherall,Harry Richardson,Kevan Roberts,Jason Kilner,Mark Pepperall,James Beverley,Freddy Lomas,Ian Tyler,Ian Pomeroy,Paul Collinson.

Manager Shaun Foster - Assistant Trev Ford

9th August 2000 at Budleigh

Budleigh Salterton 2 RMFA 0

The Squad

Nev Nixon,Mark Liddle,Iain Rankin,Lee Carr,Terry Price,Kevan Roberts,Harry Richardson,Lee Weatherall,Ben Nowak,Mark Pepperall,Daz Cliffe,Will Jeeves,Robbie Buglass,Mullin,Mark Lenton,James Beverley,Ian Pomeroy,Paul Collinson,Dean Jones.

Manager Shaun Foster - Assistant Trev Ford

15th August 2000 at CTCRM Lympstone

RMFA 4 (Kevan Roberts 2,Tommy Mcphee,Iain Rankin) Peterborough Utd 5

The Squad

Nev Nixon,Mark Liddle,Iain Rankin,Lee Carr,Terry Price,Kevan Roberts,Harry Richardson,Lee Weatherall,Mullin,Will Jeeves,Robbie Buglass,Daz Cliffe,James Beverley,Tommy Mcphee,Ian Pomeroy,Paul Collinson.

Manager Shaun Foster - Assistant Trev Ford

12th Sept 2000 at Exmouth

Exmouth Town 2 RMFA 2 (Jase Kilner, 1x og)

The Squad

Nev Nixon,Shaun Foster,Tommy Mcphee,Trev Ford Ford,Mark Lenton,Kevan Roberts,Lee Weatherall,Ian Pomeroy,Jase Kilner,Freddy Lomas,James Beverley,Will Jeeves,Paul Collinson,Johnny Byrne

Manager Shau Foster - Assistant Trev Ford

Royal Navy Inter Commands 24th - 27th Sept 2000 at Portsmouth

RMFA 1 (Lee Weatherall) Plymouth Cmd 0

RMFA 3 (H Richardson 2 Lee Weatherall) Portsmouth Cmd 1

Final RMFA 3 (Robbie Buglass,H Richardson,1x og) Naval Air Cmd 2 AET

The Squad

Nev Nixon,Shaun Foster,Terry Price,Trev Ford,Mark Lenton,Jase Margrett,Freddy Lomas,Lee Weatherall,Harry Richardson,Ian Pomeroy,Kevan Roberts,Will Jeeves,Robbie Buglass,Jase Kilner,Tommy Mcphee,James Beverley,Glen Lamb,Paul Collinson,Mark Liddle

Manager Shaun Foster - Ass Manager Steve Marr - Kitman Mark Stevenson

22nd Nov 2000 at Beckenham London

London Banks 3 RMFA 0

The Squad

Mark Liddle,Tommy Mcphee,Jase Kilner,Freddy Lomas,Jase Margrett,Jimmy Clutton,Mark Lenton,Glen Lamb,Dean Jones,Robbie Buglass,Mick Travers,Wayne Grounsell,Paul Collinson.

Manager Steve Marr - Physio Ian Lawton - Kitman Mark Stevenson

6th Dec 2000 at Clarence Pier Southsea Portsmouth

RMFA 2 (Ian Pomeroy,Jase Kilner) National Prison Service 3

The Squad

Nev Nixon,Shaun Foster,Mick Travers,Jase Margrett,Glen Lamb,Ian Pomeroy,Jimmy Clutton,Will Jeeves,John Jackson,Jase Kilner,Robbie Buglass,Wayne Grounsell,Ben Nowak,Paul Curry. *(Paul Collinson played for the NPS)

Manager Shaun Foster - Assistant Manager Steve Marr