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There are more photographs from 2000 -2009 in the Tunney Cup, Inter Commands, Navy Cup & Plate Galleries



2000 Royal Marines Football Team with Everton FC

Whilst staying at Woodbury park golf resort as part of the pre season Everton Fc visited CTCRM and took part in a training session with the Royal Marines Football Team 

Royal Marines in the photograph Lee Weatherall,Will Jeeves,Mark Pepperell,Tommy Mcphee,Ben Nowak,James Beverley,Robbie Buglass,Trev Ford,Mark Stevenson,Nev Nixon,Johnny Byrne,Shaun Foster,Iain Rankin,Ian Pomeroy,Mark Lenton,Paul Collinson & his 2 sons Jake & Josh,Jason Kilner,Daz Cliffe,Dean Jones,BJ Farrimond,Martin Carlon,Mark Liddle.

Everton FC Scott Gemmill,Michael Ball,Chris Woods (GK coach),Archie Knox (assistant manager),Steve Simonson,Richard Dunne,Phil Jevons.




2000 Junior Challenge Cup Winners Royal Marines Poole

at HMS Temeraire astr turf Portsmouth

Back row L to R TBC,Shaun Foster,Daz Cliffe,Ian Tyler,TBC,Larry Lamb,Jeff Jefferies,Jan Weeks,Trigger.
Front row L to R Will Jeeves,Ratty Burgion,Brett Lee,Arthur Daly,TBC,Mick Mulvey,Screwy Driver,Tigs Lenton,TBC.




2001 RMFA Barcalona Tour 

Back row L to R Will Jeeves, Danny Cole, Tel Price, Richie Hope, Robbie Buglass, Andy Mathews, James Beverley, Jason Margrett, Gaz Smith, Mark Stevenson, Paul Collinson

Front row L to R Ian Pomeroy, Mick Mulvey, Wayne Grounsell, Johnny Byrne, Jase Kilner, Shaun Foster, Tommy Mcphee, Paul Curry, Stevie Marr, Mark Lenton.





2001 RMFA tour NouCamp Barcalona

Back row L to R Mark Stevenson (kitman), James Beverley, Stevie Marr, Tel Price (Assistant Chairman), Paul Curry, Nev Nixon, Robbie Buglass, Johnny Byrne, Andy Mathews (Referee), Mark Lenton, Tommy Mcfee, Richie Hope

Front row L to R Danny Cole, Paul Collinson, Ian Pomeroy (General Manager), Wayne Grounsell, Will Jeeves, Shaun Foster (Player Manager), Jase Kilner, Jason Margrett, Mick Mulvey.





2001 RMFA tour pictured with European Cup at the Nou Camp Barcalona

L to R Mick Mulvey, Will Jeeves, Mark Stevenson, Shaun Foster, Mark Lenton



2002 Budleigh Salterton 2 Royal Marines 0 Sept 2002

Back row L to R Nick Taylor,Terry Price,Shaun Foster(Player Manager),Mark Lenton,James Beverley,George Carlon,Dean Quinn,Steve Marr(coach)
Front row L to R
Leighton Johns,Ian Pomeroy,Mark Pepperall,Neil Pritchard,Jason Margrett(Capt),Craig Brown,Graeme Carr,Wayne Grounsell.




2002 Royal Marines 0 London Banks 0 24th April 2002

Back row L to R Mne Symes,Robbie Buglass,Harry Richardson,Steve Marr,Paul Collinson,Shaun Foster,Neil Middleditch,Matt Seedle,Jamie Micheals.
Front row L to R
Mne Daley,Topsy Turner,Pete Howe,Nick Taylor,Brett Lee,Jase Kilner,Pedro Roberts






2003 Royal Marines Football tour to Quantico USA

Standing L to R Richie Hope,Johnny Byrne,Martin Carlon,Craig Brown,Scotty Nicolson,Si Bochenski,Kev Fullalove,Dean Jones,Karl Lockhart,Jase Kilner,Robbie Buglass,Sam Woodin,Chris Rowley,Ian Pomeroy,Jason Margrett. Kneeling Stevie Marr (Coach), Shaun Foster (Manager)




2003 Royal Marines tour to Quantico USA

Back row L to R Richie Hope,Karl Lockhart,Martin Carlon,Stevie Marr (Coach),Shaun Foster (Manager),George Kent (GK Coach),Kev Fullalove,Sam Woodin,Dean Jones,Jez Scherrer,Jason Margrett.

Front row L to R Mick Hart,Scotty Nicolson,Johnny Byrne,Craig Brown,Chris Rowley,Ian Pomeroy,Jason Kilner,Robbie Buglass,Si Bochenski,Terry Price (Assistant Chairman)




2003 Royal Marines Football tour to Quantico USA

 at Quantico USMC base with replica Iwo Jima memorial

Back row L to R Karl Lockhart,Craig Brown,Scotty Nicholson,Dean Jones,Johnny Byrne,Jez Scherrer,Jase Kilner,Sam Woodin,Tommy Mcphee,Kev Fullalove,Shaun Foster,Si Bochenski,Richie Hope,Ian Pomeroy,Chris Rowley,Stevie Marr,Martin Carlon,Mick Hart,Robbie Buglass.

Front row L to R Terry Price,George Kent,Phil Shuttleworth,Jason Margrett




2004 Royal Marine representitives on the Royal Navy tour to Estoril Portugal

at the British Embassy Lisbon Portugal

Left to Right Capt Terry Price, Cpl Richard Harley,Cpl Shaun Foster,Sgt Mick Hart,Cpl Wayne Grounsell




2005 Cyprus tour Army Cyprus 0 v Royal Marines 4

played at Dhekelia Garrison goal scorers Rich Hope,Craig Brown,Jase Kilner,Adam Fowler

Back row L to R Ian Michelsen(Secretary),Sam woodin,Lee Weatherall,Shaun Foster(Manager),Kev Readings,Sean Naisbett,Scotty Nicholson,Karl Lockhart,Tel Price,Andy Mcfarlane(Kitman)
Front row L to R Robbie Buglass,Si Bochenski,Rich Asson,Richie Hope,Nick Lord,Adam Fowler,Craig Brown,Tommy Mcphee,Sean Fuller.




Cyprus Tour 2005 Royal Marines 3 Combined Services Cyprus 3

 Played at Happy Valley Episkopi - RM goal scorers Rich Harley 2,Rich Hope

Back row L to R Ian Michelsen(Secretary),Sam Woodin,Karl Lockhart,Robbie Buglass,Scotty Nicholson,Kev Readings,Shaun Foster(Manager),Rich Hope,Sean Naisbett,Si Bochenski,Rich Harley,Wayne Grounsell(Physio),Johnny Byrne.
Front row L to R
Sean Fuller,Tommy Mcphee,Adam Fowler,Dan Boere,Nick Lord,Craig Brown(Capt),Richie Asson,Jase Kilner,Terry Price




2006 25th July Royal Marines 5 v Sidmouth Town 0

Played at CTCRM, RM Goal Scorers Jay Barton 2,Jase Kilner & 2 Own Goals

Back row L to R James Beverley(General Manager),Paul Collingson(Assistant Manager),Scotty Nicholson,Mne Cain,Joe Dixon,Sam Woodin,Sean Fuller,Jase OBrien,Shaun Foster(Manager)
Front row L to R
Rich Harley,Si Bochenski(Capt),Dan Boere,Alvin Pollard,Jay Barton,Jase Kilner,Pedro Roberts,Adam Fowler




2006 25th July Royal Marines 5 v Sidmouth Town 0

Played at CTCRM, RM Goal Scorers Jay Barton 2,Jase Kilner & 2 Own Goals




2006 5th April  RMFA 1 v Lloyds of London 1

 Played at Beckenham road London RM goal scorer Sean Naisbett

Back row L to R Steve Marr(coach),RM Chef ?,Alvin Pollard,Eddie Kidd,Rich Harley,Tony Whitehead,Shaun Foster,Sean Naisbett,Sam Woodin,Paul Curry(spectator),Ian Michelsen(Secretary)
Front row L to R
Ash Haw,Si Bochenski(Capt),Jase OBrien,Jay Barton,Adam Fowler,Dan Boere,Lewis Murrell.



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