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1942 Portsmouth Royal Marines

Winners of the Trafalgar Day Charity Cup

Back row L to R Mne S.A. Rogers, Mne W.E. Miles, Cpl E.S. Mathews,

Middle row L to R CSgt C.E. Picken, Q.M.S.I. R.W.G. Collis, Mne T Caswell, Mne E Stafford, Mne T.W. McAndrew, Cpl E.R. Pearson, Cpl H.C. Hubbold, Cpl E Kelly, Cpl C.A.J. Welton.

Front row L to R Mne W Winter, Ty. Lt E Wright, Brig E.J.B. Noyes, Headmaster F.J. Wilkins, Cpl R Johnson.

Absent from photo Sgt V Fletcher (Capt)




1942-43 3rd Battalion Royal Marines Football Team.

Winners of all 3 county senior trophies season 1942-43




1942 Royal Marines Football team 3rd AA Regt

Winners of the Handsome Shield

Back row L to R Mne E Ireland, Mne A Allaway, Mne W Connolly, Sgt T W Patterson, Cpl H Finney, Mne J Hazelhurst, Mne S Ellis, Mne E Ireland.

Middle row L to R Mne M.W. O'Reilly, Col J.E. Leech-Porter RM, LCpl H Morton, Lt Col K.L.M. Cooper RM, Mne W.H. Dudley.

Front row L to R Sgt A.G. Jepps, Mne E Fitzhugh.




1942-43 Depot Royal Marines Football team

Exeter & District United Services League Winners

East Devon & Victory League Divisional Cup Winners

Back row L to R LCpl E.W. Elliott, Cpl J Murray, Mne R.C. Cooper, Mne C Spinks.

Middle row L to R CSgt A.H. Corbyn, Mne A.A.F. Miller, LCpl F Donoghue, Mne A.D. Nelson, LCpl D.O. Goodfellow, Mne R Flewin, Mne E Tilston, Mne S.G. Lee, CSgt G.E. Hayman (Trainer).

Seated L to R Cpl P.G. Smith, CSgt N.R. Mathews B.E.M. (Hon-Secretary), Capt M.G. Pughe (P & RT officer), Sgt J Day (Capt), Maj Gen A.P. Dawson C.B.E., Lt V.W. Davidson, Lt J.F Simpson (Vice-Captain) 




1943 Royal Marines Plymouth

Devon Senior Cup Winners 1943 RM Plymouth 4 Plymouth United 2

Back row L to R Mne F.R. Smith(reserve), Mne J.E Stanley, Sgt G.E. Hutchby (Capt), Mne A Anderson, Mne R.A. Hayden, Cpl E. Platt-Chance, Mne A.L. Shepherd.

Middle row L to R Mne J McDonald, Mne G Higgins, Mne G Baxter, Mne K Speak, Mne H Iggleden.

Front row L to R ARM / QMS E Burnett, LtT.W. Crane (P&RT Officer), Brigadier H.D. Weir, Suptg Clerk F Baker (Chairman), Mne R.G. Joyce (Secretary).




1943 604 A.F.C Combined Operations Royal Marines

(sent in by Derek Rowlands)

Standing L to R Lt Hull, Cpl Dickens, William (Billy) Rowlands, Gray, Finn,  Hills, Cox, Cpl Clarke (Trainer).

Seated L to R Slawson, Kay, LCpl Knight (Capt), Galbraith, Allinson.




1943-45 RM Training Group Devon Football Team

Back row L to R Mne J Morriss, Mne A Higgs, Mne N Symonds, LCpl J Radford, Cpl G Wood

Middle row L to R Maj J.A Taplin (CO), Mne F Burnham, Mne A.P Davies, CSM W.G Case (Trainer), Mne F Lucas, Mne R Buller, Capt M Lesser (Secretary).

Front Row L to R Mne T.G Becks, Mne G Baxter, LCpl J.H Evans (Capt),Mne G Pryor, Mne L.T Evans.




1944 HMS ST Mathew Football Team

Back row L to R Sgt J Jones, Mne Lewsley, Mne MacDonald, RSM Northover

Middle row L to R  Mne Hedge, Mne Stevenson, Cpl Tuckey.

Front row L to R Lt Col P.H.O.L. Penfold, Lt Sandham, Mne Ward, Mne Smith (Capt), Sgt Tero, Mne Rush, Mne Oliver, Lt Barlow.




1944 RMIT Football Team

Standing L to R Mne Thompson (Trainer), Mne Gunn, Mne Swindlles, Mne Fellowes, Cpl Rawcliffe, Capt Lesser (Sports Officer)

Front row L to R Mne Middlebrook, Mne Arrowsmith, Mne Siswick, Mne Aston, Mne Evans, Mne McLure.




1944-45 Home Base Ledger Football Team

Back row L to R Sgt Wilkinson, Cpl Masefield, Mne Cockle, Mne Taylor, Cpl Hallas, Mne Lovett, Sgt Eyre, Sgt Speakman, Mne A Smith, Sgt Newman.

Front row L to R Cpl Durling, Mne F Davies, Lt Col W.S. Poe C.B., D.S.O., R.M., Sgt Nichols, S/C Wood, Mne S Davis, Sgt  Staines.




1945 - 46 Commando Trg Unit 1st Xl Football Team

Back row L to R CSM Colwill, Mne Clark, Mne Ford, Cpl Smith, Sgt Rich, Mne Bowers, Sgt Willemse, LCpl Bingham, Mne Morris, Sgt Fairclough

Middle row L to R Capt Dunn M.C., Lt Col Donnell, Mne Conway (Capt), Lt Col Palmer D.S.O., Capt Robinson.

Front row L to R Cpl Harrinson, Mne McCartney, Mne Powell, Mne Jenkins.




1945 Amphibian Support Reg RM Football Team, India

Standing L to R Lt Frankland, Sgt Parrot, Cpl Briers, Mne Kelly, Capt Elliott, Sgt Beswick, Mne Sacket, Lt Wigmore (Capt), Mne Ford, Mne Mellor.

Front row L to R Sgt Dorset, Cha Wallah Mascott, Cpl Douglas

* There is an article with this photograph available on request.




1945 HMS Arethusa Royal Marines Football Team Inter Part Cup Winners

Royal Marines beat Torpedo Division 6-0 after first game finished 2-2.

Back row L to R Mne Whelan, ACpl Dearden, Musn Hutchings, Mne Rock, Mne Downey.

Middle row L to R Mne Keen, Capt Bullock-Webster RM, Mne Eatwell, Sgt Clark, Mne Hughes.

Front row L to R BCpl Brown, Mne Spencer, Musn Hopkins




1946 B Troop 45Cdo Hong Kong

Back row, 3rd from the left  Lt. Graham Partington, and next to him, 4th from the left is goal keeper Cpl. Roger Taylor




1946 B Troop 45Cdo Hong Kong

Back Row L to R Cpl Whitehead, Lt Graham Partington, Cpl Roger Taylor, Sgt Burnage (Capt), Mne Meers, Cpl Davis.

Front Row L to R Sgt Causley (Trainer), Capt Gourlay, Cpl Didcott, Cpl Hayward, Mne Nicholson, Mne Broadward




1946-47 RM Portsmouth

The three cups on show are US Charity Cup, Navy Cup, Trafalgar Cup.

Back row L to R CSgt Norris, Mne Fletcher, Cpl Davidson, Mne Ranner, Mne Yaxley, Mne McCullum, CSM Mayles (Trainer).

 Front row L to R Cpl Newall, Sgt Smith, Sgt Hayes, Lieut (Qr. Mr.) R J Brookes M.B.E (Chairman), Mne Hayden, Mne Fairweather, Sgt C Quinn (Secretary)

Inset CSgt Green




Depot Royal Marines Deal 1948

Undefeated August - November 1948

Back row L to R Sgt J.P. McDonnell (Instructor), Lindsay, Steers, Dawson.

Middle row L to R Power, Ward, Bernard Berry.

Front row L to R Wiseman, Halls, Thubron, Norbury, Scullion.




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