Royal Marines Football Association

The USMC Challenge Trophy "The Tunney Cup"

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Chatham Div RM 2 Plymouth Div RM 1 May 1st at 1929 Chiswick

The Inauguaral winners of the US Challenge trophy "The Tunney Cup"


1930 Winners Portsmouth Division Royal Marines

Back Row L to R CSgt Wright, Sgt Stenning, Mne Kemp, Sgt Lyon, Cpl Brown,

 Mne Renouf, Mne Barnett, Mne Davey, CSgt Wood.

Front Row L to R Cpl Warwick, Cpl Mills, Mne Hamilton, Mne Hudson, Mne Metcalf, Mne March, Cpl Dollery.


1930 Winners Portsmouth Division Royal Marines

The Trophy being presented to Cpl Brown, the captain of the Portsmouth team,

 by Dr A.B. Cooke United States Consul at Plymouth


1931 Tunney Cup Winners Chatham Division RM

Season 1930-31 saw Chatham win the Navy Cup, Kent Midweek Shield, RNBT Challenge Cup & Tunney Cup.

Back Row L to R Mne's H. Divine, C.F. Trounce, J. King, W.E. Bates, B. Frearson, E.H. Watts, C.W. Hills, F.C. Mason,

R.C. Woodroff, T. Dunn, Humphrey, F. Savage.

Middle Row L to R Musn Stokoe, Mne's J. Harbot, R. Metcalfe, J. Frame, A. Hayward, J. Cain, J. Little, Sgt Tilsley,

Sgt Herron, Cpl W.T. Green, Mne R. Sharrock, Cpl Wright, Mne A. Woods, Cpl Houghton.

Front Row L to R Sgt Bennett, Sgt Walker, School Master Farmer, Capt & Adjt Warren, Brigadier R.F.C Foster C.B.,

C.M.G., D.S.O., A.D.C.,Lieut Penfold, Surg Lieut N.A. Dickinson RN, Q.M.S.I Watts, Sgt Jerred.


1934 Tunney Cup Winners Plymouth Division RM (Played at Chatham)

RM Plymouth Division 2 (Malcolm, Callen) RM Chatham Division 1 (Green)

Among the players are Marines Sherliker,Callen,Malcolm,Edmunds,Horn,Latham,Lovick,Smith,Sweeting


1934 Tunney Cup Winners Plymouth Division RM

Capt Anderson the US Naval Attache hands over the Tunney Cup to the Plymouth Captain.


1934 Tunney Cup Finalists RM Plymouth Division & RM Chatham Division

Final played at RM Chatham & Won by RM Plymouth 2-1


1934/35 Season RM Plymouth who became the first to win back to back Tunney Cups

(The cup on the left is the Devon Mid-week charity Cup & the Tunney Cup on the right)

Front Row L to R CSgt R W Edwards (Hon Sec), Sgt Maj R Taylor, Mne V T Powell (Capt), Brigadier J W Hudleston A,D,C.

 Cpl RJ Wyatt (Vice Capt), Lt BJ Lumsden (P & RT Officer), Q.M.S.I J Featherestone.

Second Row L to R Mne Whiting (Trainer), Mne A Smith, Mne A Skipper, Mne W Edmunds, Cpl R Heap, Mne R Sweeting,

Mne D Sherliker, Mne Callen, Bugler Baugh.

Third Row L to R Mne W Horn, Mne Betts , Mne Bryant, Mne St. L. Hirst, Sgt Armstrong, Sgt Sturmey, Mne Scott.

Back Row L to R Sgt Handford, Mne L Wills, Mne Liddington, Mne Darley.

Absent from photo - Capt A J D Robinson (Chairman Plym Div AFC), LT J C O Beynon, CSgt E G Stratton, Cpl G Malcolm.


1946 Tunney Cup Winners Dalditch Camp

(Dalditch Camp 3 HMS Robinson 1 at Fratton Park Portsmouth 27th Feb 1946)

Back Row L to R Mne Stoker, Cpl Hannaford, Mne Harper, Mne Wheawell.

Middle Row L to R Cpl Gant, Mne Butchert, Sgt Biggs, Mne Tallis, Lt J Sawyer RM.

Front Row L to R Mne McGinty, LT Col D A Collier RM, Mne Dunn, Capt R Penney RM. Mne Gallagher.


The 1946 Tunney Cup Final Dalditch Camp 3 HMS Robinson 1

The match was played at Fratton park Portsmouth on the 27th February 1946.

Prominent among a distinguished "All Ranks" gathering were C-in-C U.S., Naval Forces in Europe,Admiral Hewitt.

the Commandant-General Royal Marines, Gen Sir T. L. Hunton. and the C-in-C Portsmouth Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton.

There was also a detachment of officers, N.C.O.s & Marines from the United States cruiser Helena.

All proceeds from the game went to the Cpl Tom Hunter V.C, Memorial Fund. 


1947 Tunney Cup Winners Chatham Division Royal Marines

Chatham Div RM 3 Portsmouth Div RM 0 12th March at Pitt Street Portsmouth

Top picture Admiral Connolly U.S.N is introduced to the Portsmouth team 

Bottom picture He then presents the trophy to Chatham Capt Mne Black 


1947 Tunney Cup Winners Chatham Division RM

Top picture Admiral Connolly U.S.N is introduced to the Chatham team

Bottom picture The Tunney Cup - full of good cheer - in the Sergeants Mess at

Eastney where both teams and U.S guests were entertained.


1948 Tunney Cup Winners RM Portsmouth Division

RM Portsmouth 3 Depot RM Deal 2 10th March 1948 at the Great Lines ground Chatham.

The Portsmouth team lift up the Skipper CSgt Green.


1948 Tunney Cup Winners RM Portsmouth Division

A young Pompey supporter presenting a good luck mascot to CSgt Green (Portsmouth Capt) before

 the team leave for Chatham for the Tunney Cup final against Depot RM.


1948 Tunney Cup Winners RM Portsmouth Division

Portsmouth Capt CSgt Green introduces his team to United States Naval Attache Commodore Shelley

on the 12th March 1948 at Great Lines ground Chatham


Two Brothers went head to head in the 1948 Tunney Cup Final

Mrs I. E Hayes had a unique experience of having both her sons playing in the final of the U.S. Marine Corps Trophy

 at Chatham. They are Cpl E. L Hayes (Centre half for  Depot RM Deal) & Sgt C.S.P. Hayes (inside left for Portsmouth)


1949 Tunney Cup Winners RM Portsmouth

RM Portsmouth 2 RM Chatham 1 at Deal on the 10th March 1949

Left Councillor Stebbings Mayor of Deal is introduced to the Chatham team

Right The Winning team RM Portsmouth celebrate with the Cup

Inset Sgt Smith Capt of RM Chatham & Amateur International 


1952 Tunney Cup Winners Stonehouse Barracks FC

1951-52 Season saw Stonehouse Barracks FC win the Tunney Cup, Trafalgar Cup,

 United Services Division 1 Cup &  Plymouth & District Senior Charity Cup.


1956 Tunney Cup Winners ITCRM (sent in by Tony Coppard)

Back Row L to R  Lt(QM) Fred Coppard,  TBC, TBC, TBC,  Cpl Vernon Davis, TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC

Front Row L to R TBC, Spike Kelly, Ginger Saggers, Harry Hurrell


1956 Tunney Cup Winners ITC Lympstone

ITC Lympstone 2 Depot RM Deal 0

Colonel Clarence A. Barninger, Jnr., U.S.M.C., presenting the Cup to Marine Hughes


1958 Tunney Cup Winners 42Cdo Royal Marines


1964 Tunney Cup Winners Depot RM Deal

Depot RM Deal 4 beat 43Cdo RM 0

Major General Houghton Presents the Tunney Cup to Corporal John Ellis


1966 Tunney Cup Winners 43Cdo RM

Captain Lowrey U.S.M.C. hands out the Tunney Cup medals.

43Cdo 3 (Mne's Hardy, Anderson, Quinn) ATURM 1 28th March 1966 at Brickfields Plymouth.

43Cdo RM also won the United Services League Division 1 & the 2nd Xl won Div 2 that season.

Mne's Anderson, Riley, Torrance & Hardy played regularly for the Corps that season.

Regular players for 43Cdo RM that season were Cpl's Miller & Williams, Mne's Anderson, Torrance, Riley, Hardy,

Murray & Quinn. Mne Anderson was selected as reserve forward for the Combined Services v England Amateur Xl.

Mne Quinn scored 6 of the 8 goals in the quarter final rout against ITCRM.


1967 Tunney Cup Winners 43Cdo RM (sent in by Rob (Jan) Lobb)

43Cdo RM 1 ITCRM 0


1967 Tunney Cup Winners

43Cdo RM 1 ITCRM 0

The Tunney Cup was presented by Capt R E Simmonds USMC


  1968 Tunney Cup Winners Depot RM

Back row L/R Dave Turner (manager), Dave Roberts, Dusty Miller, Ollie Olliphant, Bill Howie, Tom Rumney (trainer), Geordie Kirtley, Archie Houston.

Front row L/R Joe (algie) guest, Tommo Thompson, Tanzie Lee, Dod Malhan, Willie Turnbull, George Sturdy


1969 Tunney Cup Winners ATURM (Poole)

ATURM Poole 4 RMB Eastney 1

Mne McNeill (ATURM) waltzes past Mne Holley (Eastney)


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