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 There maybe more 70's photographs in the Tunney Cup, Navy Cup, Inter Commands & Plate Galleries  


1970 Trafalgar Cup Winners, Royal Marines

Royal Marines 3 (Rose 2, Cain) Royal Navy 2 (Crawford, Elkes)

Back row L to R Happy Day, Martin Frier, Bernie Hoof, Buck Stewart (coach), Terry Rose, Stu Bailey, Bob Morris, Nobby Clark.

Front row L to R Frenchy Munn, Jock Sutherland, Allan Cain, Davy Crockett, Allan Judd, John Watson, Colin Watkins




1970 40Cdo RM Soccer squad

40 Cdo RM 1970 - 71 (This team beat Singapore U21s at Jalan Besar Stadium Singapore 1971

40 Cdo back row L/R Ali Allwood,C Thompson,Mick Woods,J Barnett,Gill Morton,Archie Houston,Curley Barlow. Front row L/R Dave O'leary,Jesse James,Eddie Cowan,Manager?,COL Bailey,Buck Taylor,Tony Senior,Alf Francis




1971 40Cdo RM

1971 Navy (China Shield) & Army (Robinson Cup) Champions

Back Row L to R Mne Alf Francis, LCpl T Spencer, Mne D Gibbs, Mne M O'Leary, Mne J Thompson.

Front Row L to R Mne D Coles, Sgt D Barlow, Cpl B Taylor, Lt Barry Brooking, CO Lt Col D Bailey OBE, Sgt T Harrison, Mne M Woods, LCpl Gill Moreton.




1971 China Shield Winners 40Cdo RM

Left to Right Sgt T Harrison, Cpl D Taylor, Mne M Woods, Cpl Archie Houston, LCpl Gill Moreton, Sgt D Barlow, Mne A Senior, Mne J Thompson, Mne d O'Leary, Mne J Barnett, Cpl E Cowan, Mne J James, PO Allwood.




1971 Navy (China Shield) & Army (Robinson Cup) Champions 40 Cdo RM

Left to Right Mne D Coles, Mne Alf Francis, Mne M O'Leary, LCpl Spencer, Sgt D Barlow, Mne J Thompson, LCpl Gill Moreton, Cpl B Taylor, Mne M Woods, Sgt T Harrison, Mne D Gibbs


1971 40Cdo Coach Lt Barry Brooking talks to his squad after their 3-0 Robinson Cup (Army) victory over 18 Signals Regiment with goals from Woods,Barlow & OLeary.

Having won the China Shield (Navy Cup Singapore) 4-3 against HMS Simbang the cup double was now complete



1971-72 41 Cdo RM at Malta

Photograph sent in by Ken Dooney

Back Row L to R Jock Delgarno, Brian Goble, TBC, TBC, Pete Clark ?, TBC, TBC.

Middle Row L to R Trevor Galley, TBC, Bill Smith, Harry ?, TBC, TBC, TBC, Dinger Bell

Front Row L to R Ken Dooney, Tony Formosa (Matese National Coach), 41Cdo CO Lt Cpl Campbell ?, RSM JJ Kelly, TBC, TBC.  



1973 RM Deal Football Team

Maj-Gen R.B Loudoun presents Sgt Tony Higgins with the Deam Wednesday soccer League trophy 




1974 Montague Cup Winners Cdo Log Band service Stonehouse Barracks

Back row L to R Drum Major Davies, Musn Smith, WO2 Westaway, Musn Tremaine, Musn Swann, B/Cpl Mumford, Musn Johnson.

Front row L to R Musn Brown, B/Cpl Waterfield, Musn Thomas, Musn Shell, Musn Lloyd.




1974 RM Eastney Football Team

Despite the shortage of numbers WO2 Shakespeare still manages to raise a regular soccer team  even when the band of CinC Naval Home Command are away on the Royal Yacht .

All names required.




1975-76 RMFA Squads v London Banks

Back row L to R Top row Dinger Bell(Spounge man),Jessie James,Nick Cowley, Roger,TBC,Pusser Hill,Bob Fardoe,Mike Beaumont,Dusty Millar,Jed Sharpe,Graham Griffiths, Jack Sibbald, Sean 'Chalky' Elliott,Johnny Ellis (coach)
Bottom row Stevie Russell,Paul Dixon,Scrivens,Jimmy Foy,Paul?,Dave Crockett,Tony Higgins,John O'Connell, Tug Wilson,Paddy?,Pete Best?,Davie Russell,Mick Eccles




1979 E Troop Salerno Company 41Co RM

Back row L to R Mne Robby Pearce, Mne Marcus Sleeman, Mne Kevin Barker, Mne Chris Mahon.

Front row L to R Mne Charlie Dickens, Mne Mick Apps, Mne Mitch Mitchell, Mne Jeff Spencer, Mne Steve Willett




Prelim Coaching Cse year TBC 1971

Front row 3rd from the left Ray Johnston, 4th from left D Godwin & 7th from left is John Ellis.




Royal Navy Prelim FA Coaching Cse at RMB Eastney Portsmouth

Alf Francis back row 3rd from right. Mick Woods far right back row. Dereck Godwin front row 5th from the left. John Ellis front row 6th from left



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