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There maybe more 60's photographs in the Tunney Cup, Navy Cup, Inter Commands & Plate Galleries.


1960 Russian Timber Ship v JSAWC at Poole

The Russian team captain presents Sgt J N Purcell with a Bouquet of flowers


1961 14th December ITCRM win the Navy Cup

(Sent in by John Ellis)

ITCRM 4 (Rook, Jones, Mne Quinn, Holly) HMS Vernon 2 AET at United Services Portsmouth

L to R Mne Quinn, Sgt Quinn (with cup), LCpl Ellis, Mne Malhan, Cpl Swain (hidden), LCpl Evison, Mne Rook, Mne Holly.


1961-62 Season 41Cdo RM

United Services League Div 1 Champions. United Services Senior Cup Winners.

United Services League Div 2 runners up. United Services Junior Cup Winners.

USMC Tunney Cup runners up against RM Eastney

The following players gained representative honours. Royal  Navy  & RM Command Mne Williams.

RM Command Cpl's Bannerman, McLean, Taylor, Lobb, Riley, Stradling & Quinn.


1961 Brigade HQ Soccer Team

Players names not known


1962 Far East Cap Badge Trophy

A selected Royal Marines team from Commando Units or Ships to play the Army, RAF & Navy teams

(Sent in by John Ellis)

Back row L to R Higgins, Mosley, Adamson, Referee, Bickford, Ellis, Wilson

Front row L to R Holly, Henderson, Parks, Roden, Commons.


1962 Combined Services v Thialand

Team Captain John Ellis exchanges penants


1962 Royal Marines Football Team

Back row L to R Mne Wassell (ITC), Mne Williams (41Cdo), Cpl Bannerman (41Cdo), Cpl Haslam (Eastney), Mne Taylor (41Cdo).

Center row L to R CSgt Purcell (Trainer), Mne Towse (Deal), Mne Stradling (41Cdo), Mne Lawson (41Cdo), Mne Park (Eastney), Mne Burgess 43Cdo).

Front row L to R Mne Riley (41Cdo), Major A Calloway (Chairman), Cpl Freeman (Eastney), Capt John Brown (Sec), TBC


1962 40Cdo RM Football team Singapore

Winners of the Royal Navy Knock out Cup beating 42Cdo along the way & HMS Bulwark in the final.

Mne's Roden, Common & LCpl Wilson all Bravo Coy, & LCpl Park Alpha Coy are all representing the Royal Marines in the Parker Cup & the latter two have represented the Royal Navy.


1963 Depot RM Deal Football Team

(photo by Basil Kidd, sent in by John Ellis)

Back Row L to R Curly Barlow, Griffith, Porter, Millar, Lt Chase, QMS Ken Ketcher.

Front Row L to R  Ollivant, John Ellis, Tony Higgins, Williams, Willie Turnbull, TBC


1963 Royal Marines FA 3 v Showbiz Xl 3

RM scorers Malhan 2, Barratt. Show biz scorer Len Duquemin 3 (Ex Spurs Striker)

15th December 1963 in front of 2000 supporters

Show Biz team Pip Wedge,Raymon Austwicke (Royal Marine),Jackie Gordon,Peter Thompson,Derek Ufton,Franklyn Boyd,Siggy Jackson,Tommy Steele,Len Duquemin,Ricky Newman,Harry Fowler.

RM team McKenna,Hunt,Turnbull,Freeman,Hughes,Ellis,Barratt,Atkinson,Malhan,Hardy.

Referee Mr George Marriott, Linesman Sgt M Taylor & Cpl C Davis


1964/65 Depot RM Deal Navy Cup Final

Back Row L to R Young, Rumney, North, Wilson, John Ellis, Curly Barlow, Willie Turnbull, Ford.

Front Row L to R Towse, Evans, Crockett, Ward, Gilbert.


1966 Royal Marines Football Team

(Sent in by John Ellis)

Back row L to R Capt JB Brown (Chairman), Lt V Henry, Capt R Woodruff, Demery, McKenna, Tony Higgins, Clithloe, Lenny Anderson, John Ellis (Coach), Scott (Trainer)

Front row L to R Riley, Hunt, Lindsay, Towse, Jackie Freeman (Capt), Wassell, Taylor, Barlow.


1967 45Cdo RM McEwan Cup Winners

45Cdo RM 3 Civil Service 0

Mne Quinn & Skipper Mne Holly watch Mne Raines pour Champagne into the newly won McEwan cup.

The following players represented 45Cdo RM that season, Tindall Raines, Lofty Norman, Jimmy Wilson, Dusty Miller, Johnny Bickford, Jock Delgarno, Bernie Quinn, Roger Presscot, Chic Torrance, Tiny Powell, Taff Williams, Jerry Lewis & Team Captain Josh Holly


1967-68 RM Lympstone Tunney Cup Football team

(Sent in by Ray Johnston)

Back Row L to R TBC, Les Danter, The Rest TBC

Front Row L to R Ray Johnston, The Rest TBC


1968 Joint Services Team Captain Sgt Anthony George Higgins

The Joint Services football team met Kilibski Dynamos at Jalan Besar Stadium Singapore in a hard game which the Russians won 3-0. Sgt Tony Higgins exchanges penants with the Dynamos Captain Chislenko.

The Russian team had 4 World Cup players in thier team. 


1969 40Cdo RM 1st & 2nd Squads Singapore

(Sent in by Ray Johnston, names by Geoff Barker)

Rear Row L to R TBC, Scouse West

3rd Row L to R Doc Barr, TBC, TBC, Allen, Geoff Barker, Galley, Les Danter, John Thacker, Lomax, Curly Hilson

2nd Row L to R Unit Ed Officer RN TBC, TBC,  Ray Johnston, Alexander, Lt Col R Loudon (CO), Terry Glover, TBC, TBC, QMS Sticks Norton (Manager)

Front Row L to R Chapman, Ginge Golder, TBC, Gee, TBC, Brian Goble


1969 40Cdo Football Team Singapore

(Sent in by former CSgt Geoff Barker)

Back row on his own Scouse West

Back row L to R Les Danter, Doc Barr, Ginge Golder, Geoff Barker, Ray Johnston, Brian Goble, John Thacker, Curly Hilson

Front row L to R TBC, Alexander, QMS Sticks Norton (Manager), Tony Higgins (Trainer), Terry Glover, John Chapman



1969 China Shield action 40Cdo RM 3 42Cdo RM 2

40Cdo's Mne Les Danter hustles the ball past 42Cdo's Mne West for the 2nd goal.40Cdo scorers (Mne Danter 2, Mne Thacker). 42Cdo Scorers (Mne Hardy 2)


1969 China Shield Winners 40Cdo RM

John Thacker & Ray Johnston

The China Shield was presented to Mne Johnston by Vice Admiral W D O'Brien, CB, DSC


1969 40Cdo RM China Shield Winners

(Sent in by Ray Johnston) 

The names are not in order. Alex, Portman, Johnston, Wilkins, Barker, Thacker, Edwards, West, Danter, 

Hilson, Chapman, Sgt Maj, Brotherton, Glover


1969 40Cdo RM Football Team HMS Terror Singapore

(Sent in by former CSgt Geoff Barker)

Back row L to R Geoff Barker,Barr, Brotherton, West, John Thacker, TBC.

Front row L to R Glover, TBC, Ray Johnston, Les Danter, Alexander, Chapman.


1969 Depot RM Squad

(Sent in by Archie Houston)

Back Row L to R Jack Hogg, Johnny Bowskell, Thommo Thompson, David Roberts (RN), Georgie Kirtley, Brum?.

Front Row L to R Willie Turnbull, Dod Malhan, Ollie Olliphant, Bill Howie, Archie Houston


1969 RMFA v Plymouth Command

The Corps team in the dark shorts attack the Plymouth goal with Williams (6) & Steele (9)


1969 Presidents Cup Winners Royal Marines

Left to Right Amos, Hardy, Tony Higgins, John Ellis, Elliott.


1969 Sir Stanley Mathews pictured with Y Company's soccer team in Malta

1969 Y Coy 45 Cdo v 3 Para with their coach Malta resident Sir Stanley Mathews

The Para's won this one (source June 1969 Globe & Laurel)

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