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There are more 80's photographs in the Tunney Cup, Navy Cup, Inter Commands & Plate Galleries.



1981 RM Poole Wednesday League Winners

4 x pictures inset L to R Sgt Watkins, Cpl Kenwright, Cpl Bradshaw, Sgt Hill.

Standing L to R RS Booth, Cpl Tidcombe, Mne Butler, Mne Daniels, Mne Issacs, Sgt Munn.

Sitting L to R Mne Trev Ford, Mne Shaun Elliot, Sgt Smith, Col Preston, Cpl Higson, Mne Russ Wilson, Bdr Rycroft.




1982 RM Poole Wednesday League Winners

4 x pictures inset L to R Mne Shaun Elliot, RS Booth, Mne Kim Thompson, Sgt Higson.

Standing L to R Sgt Bill Smith, Mne Bill Kenwright, Mne Butler, Cpl Tidcombe, PO Hogan, Cpl Merv Sheppard

Sitting L to R Mne Medway,Sgt Willie Clayton, Mne Billy Daniels,CO David Storie, Cpl Marty Simms, Cpl Al Dunphy, Sgt Rycroft




1985 Jubilee Cup Winners CTCRM

Back row L to R Cpl Porter, Mne Anderton, Mne Hopkins, LCpl Sparkes, Lt Cdr Miklinski, Sgt Sheppard, Cpl Bolton, Cpl Minto, Sgt Cain, BSgt Sharp.

Front row L to R Mne Kay, Cpl A Holding, BCpl O'Connell, Sgt Dunphy, Sgt Dixon, Mne Whatmough, Cpl Lowe.




1985 Jubilee Cup Winners CTCRM

The Victorious CTCRM soccer team (renowned paragons of quiet sobriety), celebrate the winning of the Tri-Service Jubilee Cup (extract taken from the Globe & Laurel).

 CTCRM bt Army Cup Winners 1 Kings & RAF Cup Winners RAF Abingdon




1986 Jubilee Cup Winners CTCRM

Back row L to R Bill Howie, Pete O'Rourke, David or Martin Sharp, Phil Kay, Andy Wright, Bill Sharp, George Bolton, Dondo Pearson, Alan Cain

Front row L to R Gaz Whatmough, John O'Connell, Paul Dixon, Tiv Lowe, Rick Porter, Dave Hall.



1986 RMFA Germany Tour

Back row L to R WO1 Bill Howie, Mne Agnew, Mne Slater, LCpl Hopkins, Cpl Butler, Mne Wright, Sgt Paul Dixon, Mne Peat, Sgt Sammy Boyiadjis, CSgt Bill Sharp (Coach)

Seated L to R Mne Phillips, Mne Gaz Whatmough, LCpl Stevie Whitehouse, Mne John Rich, Sgt Tiv Lowe, Mne Russ Wilson




1986 RMFA tour to Germany

Despite close attention Mne John Rich wins the ball in the BAOR penalty area with LCpl Stevie Whithouse (15) & Mne Phillips (9) in close attendance




1986 RN youth Cup Winners 40Cdo RM under 18's

Its a poor quality picture but with names listed it will bring back a few memories

Back row L to R Mne Reeks, Mne Patterson, Mne Miller, Mne Kenny, Mne Adair, Mne Walton, Mne Hoyle, Sgt Heyward (Coach).

Front row L to R Mne Walk, Mne ONeil, Mne  Moore, Mne Clay, Mne Bywater, Mne Pye.






1987 Royal Marines FA at RM Deal

Sent in by Capt Clive Hunter

Standing L to R Bill Howie, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, Chris Watts, Brian Faint, Martin Woodthorpe, Paul "Riggo" Richardson, Shaun Elliot, TBC, TBC, Phil Kay, Mne Beck, Shiner Wright, Andy Holding, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, George Kent, Capt Clive Hunter

Kneeling L to R TBC, TBC, Gaz Smith, TBC, Gus Russell, Gary Blunt, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC.




1988 Royal Marines Football clean sweep

RMFA Chairman Capt Clive Hunter with RMFA U21 Manager George Kent with the RN Inter Commands U21 Trophy

 & RMFA Manager Sgt Paul Dixon with the Senior RN Inter Commands Trophy




1988 Royal Marines Football Spanish tour

Back row L to R WO1 Bill Howie (Coach/Sec), Mne Andy Wright (CTCRM), Cpl Brian Hepburn (CTCRM), Mne Williamson (42Cdo), Cpl Kev Stewart (45Cdo), Mne Gaz Kerr (Comacchio Gp), Mne Beck (42Cdo), Mne David Byron (42Cdo), Mne Martin Woodthorpe (CTCRM), Mne Kay (RMR Tyne), Mne Chris Watts (CTCRM), Capt Clive Hunter (RMFA Chairman).

Kneeling L to R BSgt Richardson (Ref Sec), Cpl Trevor Wright (CTCRM), Mne Phillips (RM Poole), Mne Richard Cassidy (45Cdo), Mne Garnett (Cdo Log Regt), Mne Brian Faint (42Cdo), Mne Gary Blunt (RMSM), Mne Shaun Gannon (45Cdo), Mne Gus Russell (CTCRM), BSgt David Sharp (CTCRM), Sgt George Kent (RMFA U21 Manager)




1988 Royal Marines Football Spanish tour

Standing L to R George Kent, TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC, TBC, TBC, Martin White, Trevor Wright, TBC, TBC, TBC

Front row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, Chris Watts, TBC, TBC, TBC, Richard Cassidy.




1988 Royal Marines FA Spanish tour

Mne Chris Watts (left) was made Captain for his last Corps game & leads the RMFA team out before they drew 1-1 with Cadiz, Cpl Trevor Wright scoring the RMFA goal.




1988 Royal Marines Football Spanish tour

RMFA 1 Cartagena 0.

RMFA Captain Mne David Byron collects the trophy




1989 CTCRM Football team

Back Row L to R Bill Sharp,Paul Dixon,Shaun Foster,Gaz Popple,Trev Ford,Brian Hepburn,Al Cain.

Front Row L to R Kev Carter,Steve Holding,Stevie Whitehouse,Russ Wilson,George Kent,George Turner




1989 (November) CTCRM football team Navy Cup winners

CTCRM 3 HMS Neptune 2

Back row L to R George Kent, Russ Wilson, Dia Phillips, Trev Ford, Shaun Foster, Gaz Popple, Colin Rule, Brian Hepburn, Bill Sharp, TBC

Front row L to R Andy Holding, George Turner, Stevie Whitehouse, Steve Holding, Paul Dixon, Gaz Whatmough, Gus Russell, Dave Hall.



1989 Royal Marines Football Squad

Germany & Holland Tour 1989

Sent in by Capt Clive Hunter

Standing L to R Chairman Capt Clive Hunter, Manager Sgt Paul Dixon,Mne Gaz Kerr,Mne Pattison,LCpl Kev Stewart,Mne Colin Woodthorpe,Mne Heslop,Cpl Gaz Smith,Cpl Trevor Wright,Mne Margison,U21 Manager Sgt George Kent.

Kneeling L to R Mne Taylor,Mne Shaun Gannon,BSgt John OConnel,Cpl Andy Tough,Mne Rendy,Mne Gary Blunt,Mne Gus Russell.




1989 RMFA Germany & Holland tour

BSgt John OConnell (left) exchanges penneants with the RAF(G) captain





CTCRM Football team

year & competition TBC

CTCRM team L to R TBC,Paul Dixon, Tony "Tosh" Miklinski,Alan Dunphy,George Bolton,Gary Whatmough,

TBC,TBC,TBC,TBC,Alan Cain,TBC,Tiv Lowe.



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