Royal Marines Football Association


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1968 Royal Navy Football Team

Royal Navy Inter Services team v RAF on 27/03/1968

(sent in by David Roberts)

Standing L to R  John Ellis RM, Curly Barlow RM, David Roberts, Jock Currie, Brian Crawford, Mick Rogers, Geoff Atkey, Derek Godwin (Captain), Lt Cdr John Ennis (RNFA Secretary).

 Front Row L to R Josh Holley RM, Sammy Malcolmson, Terry Lowdnes, Lenny Anderson RM, and Glyn Pughsley.

There was one change against the Army, Davy Hunt RM replaced Curly Barlow as reserve.


1968 Royal Navy FA Inter Services Winners Singapore

Royal Navy 5 Army 1 (sent in by George Welsh)

Scorers (Titchener 3, Pugh, Best)

Standing L to R John Ellis RM (Coach), Mne Elliott RM, Mne Anderson RM (Capt), C.P.O Jones, E.M George Welsh, APP Titchener, R.E.M Pugh, Mne Woodward RM, Sgt Higgins RM, Scott RM.

Front row L to R Mne McKenna RM, LCpl Best RM, Mne Murray RM, A.B Flemming, Mne Ray Johnston RM, Sgt Jackie Freeman RM (Assistant Coach)


1968 Trafalgar Cup Winners Royal Navy FA at Singapore

(Sent in by George Welsh)

Royal Navy 5 (Gorman 2,Welsh,Scott,Titchener) Royal Marines 4 (Anderson 2,Best,Murray)

Back row L to R J Hunt, Pugh, R Jones, Scott, C Titchener, Mickey Bound.

Front row L to R T Pennell, Scott, E Golding, G Evans, Paddy Gorman, George Welsh.


1968 Royal Navy FA

Back Row L to R David Roberts, Keith Wilson RM, TBC, Hunt, Rogers, Crawford, Derek Godwin.

Front Row L to R TBC, Malcomson, Pughsley, Stewart Lindsay RM, Richie Wassell RM, TBC


1968 The First FA Preliminary Coaching Course organised by the Royal Navy at RMB Eastney

(Sent in by John Ellis)

Back Row L to R Lt David Roberts, TBC,Smith, O'Shea, TBC, TBC, Millar, McLeod.

3rd Row L to R TBC, Sillence, Lt Farquharson, TBC, Shipp, TBC, Anderson, Stewart.

2nd Row L to R Gillett, TBC, Mortimore, TBC, Brown, TBC, Parsons, Gladders.

Front Row L to R Ford, Johnny Bickford RM, Lt Reed, Lt Cdr John Ennis, John Ellis RM (Course Director, Bracher, Scott


1969 Inter Commands Winners Portsmouth Command

Major General McGill (TBC) presents a winners medal to Brian Crawford. Jimmy Coates is holding the Trophy & John Ellis center (clapping). Arnold Reed is next to the Dog.


1969 Royal Navy Wanderers

(Sent in by John Ellis)

The team was formed by John Ellis to play in Singapores first proffessional league. The team won the league and the Presidents cup.

Back row L to R Harris, Scott, Bowker, TBC, Hocking, Elliott, Tony Higgins, Crawford, John Ellis RM (Coach).

Front row L to R Elkes, Jackie Freeman RM, Hardy, Gorman, Usher,