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2003 Royal Navy tour to Estoril Portugal

Back row L to R TBC, Alex Allen, Richie Harley, Mick Hart, Frazer Quirke, Shaun Foster, Wayne Grounsell, Steve Riley, Terry Price, Paul Barton, Stevie Johnson

Front row L to R Matt Short, Jamie McGall, Naick Haigh, Paul Willetts, Scotty Mather, Shaun Lister, Mickey Preston, Davie Wilson.


2003 Royal Navy tour to Estoril Portugal

Back row L to R Terry Price, Wayne Grounsell, Jamie McGall, Shaun Foster, Richie Harley, Matt Short, Alex Allen, Steve Riley, TBC

Front row L to R Paul Barton, Mickey Preston, Stevie Johnson, Frazer Quirke, Nick Haigh, Shaun Lister, Scotty Mather. Near Paul Willetts son.


2003 Royal Navy tour to Estoril Portugal

Royal Navy Players Back row L to R Alex Allen, Paul Barton, Mickey Preston, Jamie McGall, Steve Riley, Paul Willetts, Terry Price, Matt Short.

Front row L to R Wayne Grounsell, Shaun Lister, Davie Wilson, Richie Harley, Frazer Quirke, Nick Haigh, Stevie Johnson, Shaun Foster, Scotty Mather.



Portugal 2003

Choose your wingman carefully. with five Bootnecks on the tour it was inevitable Frazer Quirke gets

golf balled


Portugal 2003

Not satisfied with the golf ball Frazer Quirke

tries out the Cork & Fork too, much to the amusement of Mick Hart


2003 Royal Navy Portugal tour

Stevie Johnson Captains the Royal Navy in his 232nd & final  appearance whilst fellow RNFA legend  Steve Riley wracks up his 200th Cap.


2003 Royal Navy FA tour to Estoril Portugal

L to R Paul Barton, Jamie McGall, TBC, Mickey Preston, Mick Hart, Shaun Lister, Rich Harley, Steve Riley, Matt Short, Alex Allen, Terry Price, Nick Haigh, Shaun Foster, Davie Wilson, Frazer Quirke, Stevie Johnson, Scotty Mather, Paul Willetts, Wayne Grounsell.


2006 Royal Navy Football Team

Back row L to R Paul Barton (Coach), Mike ONeil, Roy Emmerson, Richie Way, John Delahay, Chris Sheakey, Richie Hope RM, James Baker, Dan Boere RM, Neil Frame (Manager), Ian Binks (Kitman).

Front row L to R Danny Card, Steve Young, Jamie Thirkle, Steve ONeil, Davie Wilson, Frazer Quirke, Si Bochenski RM, Jase OBrien RM.


2007 Royal Navy Football tour to Guernsey

Back row L to R Neil Frame (Manager), TBC, TBC, Matt Short, Tom ?, TBC, TBC, Paul Barton (Coach)

Front row L to R Dan Boere RM, TBC, Dave Berry, Jay Barton RM, TBC, TBC.



Portugal 2003

Paul Barton


Portugal 2003

Steve Riley


Portugal 2003

Mick Hart